Transferring Help

Transferring issues are most commonly due to moisture content during application. If the ink isn’t transferring at all, it means the ink dried up before adhering the strip to your eyelid. You can fix this by taking less time between inking the strip and applying it to your eye (moving faster), and/ or by adding slightly more ink to the strip. The ink still needs to be somewhat wet to successfully transfer. In some cases, the transfer may be light and serves as a great guide to filling in the areas needing more ink.

The reverse may also occur, although less common. If the ink is too wet during application, smudging may occur and users will need to allow sightly more dry time between inking the strip and adhering the strip to their eyelid. While learning how to use the product, it is best to start with a clean, dry face (your own blank canvas) as certain other cosmetics may interfere with the transferring process.