Anyone who has ever tried to freehand winged eyeliner knows it is not the simplest of tasks. Countless hours have been spent in front of mirrors all around the world and throughout history in an attempt to master the perfect wing. Fortunately, QuikKat EyeLiner Strips are here to help!

Developed out of pure desperation by a winged liner lover herself, QuikKat Strips have become a staple product in makeup bags everywhere. If you are new to winged liner culture, WELCOME! QuikKat strips help users learn how to freehand their own winged eyeliner over time. The fine tuning of this unique hand-eye coordination starts to work the moment you start using them. While there is a learning curve to using this product as well, once the process is learned and achieved, applying wings becomes faster, more consistent, and repeatable, saving you time while sophisticating your face.

QuikKat Strips are also very versatile and are considered a universal design, meaning anyone can use them. By tilting the angle of application, or by cutting the bottom edge of the strip to the size and shape you prefer, you can alternate between subtle daytime wings at work to boosting them up for a fun night out on the town.

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